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Arrange, manage and monitor your refrigerated logistics

If you're in logistics, you know the frustrations of shipping anything perishable. The USDA released data showing $160B in food waste in 2019, and 31% of it occurred during transport. Fridgio is solving this problem.

Arrange, manage, and monitor your refrigerated logistics from any computer or mobile phone. Save time and money through efficient operations.

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Benefits of Fridgio

Why Choose fridgio

Fridgio uses technology  to help you maximize your transport as a carrier or shipper. Using these connected technologies offers many benefits. We offer transparency throughout the transport process.

Tracking & Traceability

Fridgio tracks all movements and transactions. Shippers can see exactly where their loads are, and carriers do not need to worry about extra paperwork. Instead, it's all automated on our platform.

Reduce Cost

As a shipper, you can always see the temperature of your perishable goods. Carriers can also see the temperatures and know if there is something wrong with the load.

Inventory Visibility

Our extensive network can also help you reduce costs for refrigerated trucking. Our price transparency, transport load options, and brokerage model mean shippers save money while still receiving high-quality services.

Geographic Coverage

Fridgio is nationwide, so that you can ship anywhere with our network of carriers. We provide our service to manage transport better whether it's across a state or the country.

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We're the largest network of refrigerated trucks in the country, and our technology makes your job much easier.

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