Book, Track and
manage loads online

Use real-time tracking of your goods and access to the largest network of trusted carriers to streamline your transport

How it works

A product built for shippers

Step 1

input your load requirements

To find the right refrigerated trucks (reefers) in our network, we need to know the basics of your shipment. You input items like weight, destination, and type of cargo so that we can pair you with the right reefers.

Step 2

Book a refrigerated truck

With our refrigerated truck network, you choose the schedule that works for your needs. Once you’ve completed your booking, your reefer and driver will arrive at the specified time.

Step 3

Load Up

Once the refrigerated truck arrives, you load your goods onto it, review the instructions, and set your goods on their way. You can monitor your load throughout transit from your application dashboard for peace of mind.


Can I Ship One Load?

Yes, you can ship a single load through the Fridgio refrigerated truck network. We designed our platform to help you whether you want to ship one load or thousands.

Can I Get an Invoice?

Certainly. Invoices are available through your portal, or you can connect with our customer support team.

Do You Vet Your Carriers?

We do complete a standard background check on our carriers.