Join the must trusted refrigerated
trucking network

You have already invested in your refrigerated equipment, earn more money with Fridgio.

How it works

A product built for Carriers

Step 1

List your Truck

When you join Fridgio, we’ll work with you to set up everything on your end. Then you can list the specifications for your truck and availability through our platform. It may take a few days to see your first load.

Step 2

Accept loads

Once you’re on the platform, you can see requests to handle various loads. You choose which ones you want to accept and decline the rest. We make this process as simple as possible, and our pre-defined contract covers the logistics.

Step 3

Load and drive

We expect our partners to arrive on time for loading. The shipper loads what they are shipping, and Fridgio handles the paperwork. Then, you drive to your destination confident that everything is in order thanks to our sensors and monitoring


How Many Trucks Can I Register?

You can register as many or as few trucks as you like through our platform. Each truck will receive a sensor package to comply with what our shippers expect.

Are Fridgio Sensors Active While I’m Not Working Through the Platform?

No, the sensors do not report data while you are not working with Fridgio.

Do I Still Need My Own Insurance?

Yes, you should still carry your own insurance. We are a refrigerated truck network, and we do not supply the insurance that carriers require under the law.