Input your network Shipper Loads and
Assign to Your network Carriers

Connect your network shippers to your Carrier base using Fridgio Platform

How it works

A platform built for Enterprises

Step 1

input your shipper loads

Add your shippers to the platform and create loads on their behalf. You input items like weight, destination, and type of cargo so that you can pair them with the right carriers of your choice.

Step 2

Assign to your carriers

Add your own carriers to the platform and assign loads of your shippers to your own carriers. Once you’ve completed your assigning, Fridgio will notify all and track the shipment till load is delivered and beyond.

Step 3

Relax & Track

Once the refrigerated truck arrives, you load your goods onto it, review the instructions, and set your goods on their way. You can monitor your load throughout transit from your application dashboard for peace of mind.


Can I add agents to my network?

Yes, you can add your agents to your account. We designed our platform to help you whether you want to do it your self or manage with collaboration.

Can I process payments via Fridgio?

Certainly. Invoices are available through your portal. You may generate invoices to collect payment from shippers and directly pay to carriers after retaining your commission.

Do You Vet our Carriers?

We do complete a standard background check on our carriers. For carriers you add, it is optional.